Take our short test to see how you connect.

Our new interactive (above) is great for organisations mentoring young people – such as schools, foster agencies and more. Taking about 10 – 15 minutes, it helps young people understand the ways they connect best to release the hormone oxytocin and allows them to order their preferred method of connection. Working with friends, relatives, carers, this allows young people to understand their needs and those of the people around them.

With thanks to The Magdalen and Lasher Charity

We Can Make the Jump

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A big thank you to Laura Carter who has been with Hastings Thrives since its inception. She is replaced as Chair by Susanna Longley.

If you would like to be a Trustee, we are looking for someone with

* Accounting experience to be our Treasurer

* Safeguarding experience

* Promotion experience who could promote the work we do.

* An interest in promoting music and the arts.

Contact Jenny on 07597 563798