Sky Garden

The wonderful Sky Garden had the big WOW factor. It used material from the Sky Parade and showcased the talents of young people’s work from 15 local schools in giant books in the clouds. There was some truly inspiring work on display.

Over 1000 people visited the Art Installation created by Radiator Arts, which was held in The Stade Hall for a week.

The Sky Garden created a tremendous sense of pride and achievement in children, parents and the community. The Installation received positive comments from everybody and engaged all ages from babies, who were mesmerised with big wide attentive eyes and smiles, to elderly grandparents who said they wished they could have had this when they were at school. One group of teenagers came in saying “I bet my school’s not here!” and were delighted to find the work of students from their school and felt proud.

Ed Boxall at the Sky Garden with his books. He ran story sessions during the day underneath the rainbow arch.


Images from the books


We are very grateful to the following sponsors of our Imagine the Possibilities Sky Parade and Sky Garden.

Magdalen & Lasher Trust

One Stop Carriers for Causes

Police Property Act Fund

Hastings College

Hastings Lions

Hastings Rotary

Hastings Round Table

Booker & Best

John Bray & Sons


Images from the Installation