We are very grateful for funding from Youth Music and Arts Council England, Co-op Community Fund, Hastings Opportunity Area, Hastings Borough Council, The Magdalene and Lasher Charity and the continued support of Hastings Lions

We are also grateful to the many people and organisations who helped to make this happen. It takes a community.

Anna Page, Ed Boxall, Annie & Gaston Goliath, Kym East, Andrew Mersh, Claire Burford, Roz Adie, Dee Kelvin, Georgia Burgess, Mandy Curtis, Lily Kym, Sarah Corrie, Mike Willis.

YiaYia’s Recording Studio, Badger Inc Recording Studio, Tree Tunnel Video & Animation, Isolation A Town Explores A Book, Isolation Station Hastings, St Leonards Festival, SenSoftPlay, Montague Armstrong Print Studio.

If we’ve missed you out let us know and we will add you to our extraordinary list.


Songseeds is a project developing young people and songwriting in Hastings. We specialise in collaborative and inclusive work, as well as supporting individuals. Collaborative songwriting develops skills and frienships and is inclusive of young people who are neurodiverse. Collaboration is so important in life: no person is an island.

There are 5 main elements to the project.

  • Run an afterschool club
  • Train primary school teachers
  • Reach out to home educated young people
  • Participate in community events
  • Give WOW recording studio opportunities

We run our club and training as discrete themed projects, linking wih direction from young people and/or community events.

Like many projects across the country, this 2-year project was affected by COVID-19.

“This is the best day of my life!”

Recording a song in a professional recording studio.