Flying Together

in the Sky Parade 2018

This year the Sky Parade joined with St Leonards Festival on Saturday 30 June, as we once again celebrated the specialness of Hastings children.

It was a fantastic day joining with St Leonards Festival. The sun lit up the children’s marvellous work, as they paraded along Hastings seafront, and into Warrior Square Gardens, before performing on stage and showcasing their work. 18Hours, who organise the festival, supplied a drumming group for each school creating a wonderful atmosphere.

We reached a larger audience being part of a very large event. However because it was on a Saturday less children were able to perform on the day, although they still benefitted from artistic input and creating 3D structures in school.

Participants this year included The Baird Primary Academy, Christ Church CE Primary & Nursery Academy, The Hastings Academy, Hollington Primary Academy, Icklesham CE Primary School, Robsack Wood Primary Academy and, due to a late cancellation, we were joined by Hastings Woodcraft Folk.

The Sky Parade provides a celebratory event for non-academic children to participate and shine equally with their peers, increasing confidence and skills.

Images from the Sky Parade