Songs about women scientists

In the Autumn of 2019, The Hastings Academy and Robsack Wood Academy worked on songs about Women Scientists. Have a listen to their creations.


Alice Ball

Mary Anning

Women Who Were Scientists

Female Fossil Finder

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Songs about Women Scientists

Thanks to everyone involved in our Songstories for Hastings Storytelling Festival on 12 October 2019 in Hastings Town Centre. And thank you to everyone who stopped and listened and chatted on what was a very wet day!

We are very grateful to our lovely songwriter Anna Page, who worked with the students of The Hastings Academy and Robsack Wood Primary Academy Birch Class. Also to Whalebone Productions, who created a sound installation of the songs; YiaYia’s recording studios in Bohemia for a wonderful WOW sessions for students; and to The Hastings Storytelling Festival, organised by 18hrs.

This was all made possible by our secondary school funder Hastings Opportunity Area, and primary school funder Hastings Direct.

“The students really enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in the creation and recording of a track. They were incredibly proud of what they made and they loved the experience of real-life industry practice. Anna was excellent at inspiring them to write their own lyrics. She gave them the confidence to put music to their lyrics and the finished compositions were incredibly unique to each group involved. They were keen to attend the club and looked forward to it, for some I knew it was the highlight of their week. Their time at the recording studio was very special as for most of them they have never stepped foot in a place like that. Due to the amazing work of the studio manager and sound engineer, the students felt like real musicians and relished the opportunity to be recorded professionally. They had such a great time. The students were very proud of their work and enjoyed visiting the audio installation in town, they looked forward to sharing their work with their family and friends. These recordings and memories will be treasured by the students forever. Thank you so much for the opportunity.” Kym East, Head of Music, The Hastings Academy

The Hastings Academy students at school and in the recording studio.

Mrs Piper-Smith’s Birch Class, Yr 4, with delightful drawings and written work, part of their preparation for a song about fossil hunter Mary Anning.