We work with schools and the community to provide enrichment activities which are inspiring and inclusive.

Musical Theatre Courses

Our next round of musical theatre courses will be in the summer. We will publicise when we have finalised details.


Take a look at a summary of one end-of-course questionnaire (21 responses) and see what young people gained:

What have you enjoyed doing this week?

Making friends 90%
Playing games 81%
Learning dances 86%
Singing songs 81%
Working in a group 86%
Anything else? Looking forward to every day • Lovely teacher’s • Absolutely everything! • Dancing

What skills do you think you have improved this week?

Confidence  90%
Communication  86%
Dancing  86%
Acting  86%
Working in a group  90%
Creativity + having ideas  90%
Anything else? Being in a team • How to create great dances • Lovely friends

If we were to run another musical theatre workshop in Hastings, would you come again?

Yes  100%

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