The story so far

22 schools come together in a unique collaboration to change the lives of children throughout Hastings. A unified determination to raise standards and aspiration. An opportunity… a commitment… a privilege… a responsibility… a promise… A once in a lifetime opportunity?

  • Partnership formed

    Local authority formalised the partnership between the 22 schools in Hastings

  • Coastal challenge launched

    Ofsted launched the coastal challenge which was a recognition of the educational and social challenges facing coastal communities such as Hastings. Hastings and Thanet were chosen as the two national pilots.

  • Hastings Thrives is born

    The education improvement partnership was renamed Hastings Thrives in order to reflect a recognition of commitment to improving the longterm prosperity of the town and aspirations of it’s community.

  • Thrive is launched in Hastings

    Funding is provided from the local authority to train two people in every single school in the town, to become licensed Thrive practitioners, working with the most vulnerable children. Learn about the Thrive approach

  • Hastings Thrives goes into the Community

    A plan is developed to raise awareness of the work of Hastings thrives, and engage support for our community and families. By now we were gaining momentum, the borough council were involved, as were companies from across the town. There were a lot of us out there with a real heart for Hastings!

  • The power of positivity

    The Art of Brilliance, a company who specialise in raising wellbeing and achievement using the power of positivity, deliver a variety of workshops to the children of Hastings, embedding positivity and resilience into their day to day lives. Happiness grows, and the children begin to spread it around the community.

  • The Song contest!

    Every school is invited to write a song celebrating Hastings. The final was judged by a panel of professional musicians lead by head judge, Liane Carroll at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings. The winning song, written by Westfield school became the theme for the upcoming parade and was learned by all school children across the town.

  • The Sky Parade

    To promote our communities awareness of the fabulousness of our children and In celebration of children’s aspirations and creative abilities a 1000 children paraded along the sea front, with a grand finale on the pier, hosted by the Mayor, local MP Amber Rudd and other local celebrities. The winning song from the song contest was sung by the children and the dance for positivity was live streamed back to all the schools across the town so that every one of our children could take part.

  • Town celebrates success

    Children, at the end of their early years education, performed above the national average and children tested at age 7, showed significant improvements in their reading.

  • Next Steps

    Rolling the Thrive programme and training out further across the community, recognising what worked well, building on it and making more ambitious plans for the future. Early years hubs become a part of Hastings Thrives.

  • Charity status gained

    On the 23rd of November, 2016, Hastings Thrives was officially recognised as a charity.

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