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Sky Gardens Installation 2017

21 – 27 June 2017, 10am – 5pm, The Stade Hall.

A walk in the Sky Garden Installation at The Stade Hall brought a big WOW to everyone’s faces including babies who looked around with big eyes and big smiles: this was Hastings children in full bloom, with 15 local schools represented.

• The Installation used material from the Sky Parade to create a place of magic and colour.

Giant books showcased the academic talents of local children.


• Small books produced by children from Hollington and Silverdale Primary schools, working with Ed Boxall, were turned into giant display books, which captivated and engaged children and adults alike.


• Local artist Ed Boxall, spent two days in the Installation enthralling and engaging children with poems, stories and music as they sat under rainbows.

Ed by his stand and with a wonderful moth created for the Sky Parade.

The Sky Garden Installation was created by the artistic Radiator Arts who specialise in large creative projects.

One of the many aims of the Installation was to create pride in our local children and we certainly achieved this. There are many reports of children turning up at the Installation saying in a downbeat voice: “I bet my school’s not here’. Their faces were transformed into huge smiles on discovering their school was represented and they rushed over to see the work. When you physically see pride welling up in a child, that their school was represented in a captivating and fantastic public display, it is a truly worthy gift to have offered.

A big thank you to our main sponsors for the event: the wonderful local charity The Magdalen and Lasher Trust and local One Stop Shop managers with the One Stop Shop Carrier Bag for Causes.

Sky Garden Installation Report