Early Years

Children’s learning starts from birth, at Hastings thrives, we aim to support children from this point onwards. Get early years right, and everything else falls into place.

Hastings thrives is working with the early years hub and supporting child minders, pre-schools, nurseries and practitioners, to give them the skills they need to support children at this critical stage of development.

What are we doing specifically for early years?

  • Launched the early years hub in December 2016
  • Reception and early years practitioners have been attending training sessions in developing communication and language skills
  • Future events are planned including supporting the 30 hour offer.

This strand of Hastings thrives is ran by Helen Burks and Amy Adams, this is just the beginning and we are excited about developing and look forward to working together with the community to ensure our preschool children flourish. Check out our facebook group Hastings and St Leonards Early Years Hub.