About us

We believe Hastings is special, we believe Hastings is unique, it is a fabulous town with a soul and character all of it’s own. All the schools across the town are committed to working together to support our children, families and community in raising aspiration and achievement while enabling us to flourish and thrive.

Hastings Thrives is ambitious for our town and we believe by harnessing our collective energies, the sky is not the limit for our children and our families. We are determined that together we will fly.

The partnership between 22 schools in Hastings was formed in September 2014. In June 2015 Ofsted launched the coastal challenge, a five year Ofsted focus on the town, in recognition of the educational challenges facing coastal communities such as Hastings.

Such is our level of commitment and determination to make a long term difference, we have become a registered charity to increase our chances of raising funds to carry on our work. The charities objectives are to advance the education in Hastings by the provision of staff training in all schools, and working in the community, engaging with parents, encouraging academic achievement.

All schools in Hastings, regardless of academy chain, are part of the partnership and are passionately committed to working together. The main ways in which we are doing this are as follows:

  • Through implementation of a nationally recognised programme called Thrive which prepares children emotionally and physiologically for learning (link to Thrive website)
  • Focusing on pupil well-being through a programme of support and celebration of achievement.
  • Running courses and support for teachers to improve reading and mathematics
  • Raising aspirations of children and the wider Hastings community through a programme of events designed to celebrate the achievements of pupils. Link to events page.
  • Working with Hastings Borough Council and local organisations to involve the Hastings Community in their children’s learning and wellbeing. We all want to do everything possible to support our wonderful children and families.
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